Sintered quartz

If you are looking for an original touch to complete the interior design of your living room, study, bedroom or any other space, we have a solution that is perfect for you. Sintered quartz, available in the presented range of products which we install for clients from Wrocław and the surrounding area, is a brilliant finish solution, for instance for walls. Characterised by remarkable beauty, it is available in a wide variety of variants and colours and will make a unique decoration in any interior. Learn more about our offer now!

What is sintered quartz and what are its advantages?

Although its appearance is that of a solid natural stone, sintered quartz is a composition of natural minerals, in particular quartz, shale, granite and ceramic pigments. These ingredients are mixed together, shaped and pressed, to be then fired in 1220 degrees Celsius. This produces large format slabs ready for further processing and customising according to the investor’s needs.

The greatest advantage of sintered stone, including panels intended as wall cladding, is its beauty and how remarkably it imitates natural stone. In our offer you will find options reflecting the appearance of marble, granite, sandstone and a number of other stones. Additionally, these panels are made in various different versions, including in nearly uniform colour with only slight hue nuances characteristic, for instance, of decorative concrete. These products are also available in a variety of colours, from very light, including bright and vivid shades, to a wide range of darker hues. This solution is an elegant finish for all sorts of interiors.

Sintered quartz for any interior

Whether you are planning on creating a classic or modern space, sintered quartz will work great on your walls, as a table top or kitchen cabinet cladding, as a bathroom worktop and in many more contexts. This is because it excellently harmonises with reserved minimalism, completes traditional interiors as well as fits in with loft- or industrial-style apartments.

In addition to its unique elegance and versatility, another aspect worth mentioning is its durability. It is fairly resistant to both humidity and high temperatures. Moreover, it has also proven resistant to mechanical damage and easy to care for and clean.

Place your order now

If you are interested in such solutions, and you are looking in Wrocław and the surrounding area, you should consider placing an order for your sintered quartz, plus mounting/assembly, with us! We have years of experience in designing interiors together with our trusted interior designers as well as in assembling furniture & mounting decorative elements, for instance on walls. We will be glad to answer any questions concerning our offer.

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