Engineered stone

Technistone brand engineered stone

Various materials are used as interior finish. One of these materials is engineered quartz. It is currently a very popular material often used by interior designers who need elegant and functional solutions that will protect various surfaces from detrimental external conditions. There is a wide range of this versatile quartzite material available on the market, which makes it is easy to find a variant that will fit right in with the design of the rooms in your house or flat.

What is engineered quartz?

It is good to know what engineered quartz actually is. It is a raw material consisting primarily of natural quartz sands, pigments and polyester resin. Their proportions are typically fixed: quartzite sand is the primary ingredient, with a smaller proportion of resin and other additives. This combination, subjected to a special production process, makes a material of unique appearance and exceptional characteristics.

It is a very popular raw material with numerous practical properties. It is said to be an alternative to natural stone, which it surpasses when it comes to mechanical properties. It is technologically superior to other materials.

Advantages of engineered quartz

What makes the offered engineered quartzite stand out is, above all, its incredible durability and resistance to damage. This makes it a long-life material, and choosing it is an investment that will last for years. It will remain visually appealing even through intense usage, and the colour will remain deep and vivid even after long-term exposure to sunlight. Another significant aspect is that it is highly resistant to staining, which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom worktops. You will easily remove even the most problematic stains such as coffee or wine stains.

Another advantage of engineered quartzite is that it can be formed into different variants, which enables manufacturing, for instance, imitation marble or terrazzo. They can be polished or matted. Each version is resistant to scratching and high temperatures. Still, it is always worth remembering to place hot pots and pans on coasters to prevent unsightly marks on the surface. The offered product is available both in soft pastel shades and in more vivid tones. You will certainly find the right engineered stone to match your interior design. Engineered quartz features patterns on the entire surface of each panel, which gives it a uniform look.

Where can engineered quartz be used?

The engineered quartz we offer has a wide range of uses. It can be, among others, used as flooring and wall cladding. It is used, for instance, in kitchens and bathrooms, as it is an ideal choice for a worktop. Quartzite can be used to decorate fireplaces, stairs or shower enclosure walls. It is also used to make windowsills and as window recess cladding.

What is interesting is that this stone is also used in laboratories. This is thanks to its unique properties such as durability and resistance to staining. The dense structure of engineered quartzite additionally ensures easy maintenance and enables keeping your work surface clean and sanitary. The wide variety of available textures makes matching the selected material to your project hassle-free and allows you to create a harmonious composition.

Quick completion of projects using engineered quartz

Our company fulfils orders for engineered stone projects in Wrocław and the surrounding area. We have extensive experience in such installations and we approach each project on individual terms to satisfy our clients’ expectations. We offer a wide range of different types of stone to match your ideas and preferences. Anyone looking to give their interior a beautiful finish without compromising on practical qualities will certainly find products perfect for them in our offer.
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